Tractor-Trailers are Huge Machines that Frequently Cause Accidents

Tractor-trailers are huge machines. Some can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and, when traveling at highway speeds they can create carnage in a collision, leading to serious injuries and death.

Unfortunately, few people injured in tractor-trailer collisions hire competent legal counsel immediately after the collision. Most trucking companies and their insurers have accident investigation teams which are dispatched immediately after a crash to the scene. These accident investigation teams immediately begin to collect and preserve evidence, identify and take statements from witnesses, and reconstruct the accident. Their entire focus, while ostensibly to determine the cause of the accident, is to protect the trucking company and the insurer.
18 wheeler accident attorneys
Our experience has been, that despite the immediate collection of evidence, and accident scene investigation by insurance company and trucking company investigation teams, many instances of undiscovered, undocumented, and destroyed evidence can be found by competent counsel working for injured parties.

Trucking cases are not run-of-the-mill automobile cases. They require attorneys who are skilled and knowledgeable in the mechanics and technology of large trucks, have a working understanding of the trucking industry, and are versed in the federal and state regulations governing large trucks.

Trucking technology, if understood and applied properly, can not only assist plaintiff’s counsel in determining the actual cause of a collision, but in many cases can prevent these deadly collisions.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 93% of all accidents involve driver error, with the majority related to driver inattention. NHTSA research also shows that one extra second of warning could prevent up to 99% of rear end collisions.

Advanced accident avoidance systems are available and, and though not presently required by law or regulation, failure to implement the technology could be admissible in the right case as evidence of negligence on the part of the trucking company.

There are several types of warning systems which can provide data as to what warnings were given and what conditions were detected. Unfortunately, these systems can be ignored or rendered inoperable.

In many of our cases, the tractors are equipped with onboard computers, which can tell the speed of the tractor trailer at the time of the collision, which have been rendered inoperable or never activated. If operable at the time of a collision these computers can be downloaded to give critical data about the cause of the collision. Especially important is the speed readings of the vehicle which can be recorded just prior o a hard braking incident or collision.

Forward, side, and rear object detection systems monitor the roadway and potential hazards around the tractor-trailer. These systems sweep the roadway in front, on the side, and to the rear of the tractor trailer. By monitoring these conditions, a truck driver can establish safe intervals ahead of the vehicle. With the many distractions faced by drivers, a warning of an approaching object can save many lives. Also, these systems work in inclement weather, giving the driver a greater ability to see through fog, rain, snow or sleet.

Rear object detection systems monitor a specific area behind a tractor trailer. They detect objects and provide warnings to drivers when they approaching an object behind a vehicle while in reverse. These systems assist the driver in avoiding collisions during backing or parking maneuvers. Loadings and crush injuries can be avoided by monitoring these devices. Most are functional for 20-30 feet behind a tractor trailer. truck accident injury lawyers

Lane departure warning systems are in-vehicle electronic systems that monitor the position of the vehicle within a roadway lane and warn a driver if the vehicle deviates or is about to deviate outside the lane. With the increasing dangers presented by fatigued driving, these lane departure warning systems can prevent many deaths on the highways of the United States.

The currently available lane departure warning systems are forward looking, vision based systems that use algorithms to interpret video images, to estimate vehicle position, and roadway alignment. These systems warn the driver of a lane departure when the vehicle is traveling above a certain speed and the vehicle’s turn signal is not in use. In addition, these systems notify the driver when lane markings are inadequate for detection or if the system malfunctions. The systems do not take any automatic action to avoid a lane departure or to control the vehicle. The driver remains responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle. When the vehicle is traveling in close proximity to the center of the lane, it is with the system’s “no warning zone.” In this zone, the system does not issue any position warnings.

Tracking communications systems permit GPS tracking, reconstruction of routes, times, hours of service issues, and they also provide data provided to drivers on the weather and other road conditions. Matching a driver’s log books to satellite positioning data can test the accuracy of the records and perhaps prove that the logs were falsely maintained. This data can include texting data between dispatch and the drivers and can provide documentation of speeding, hard braking, or other safety related issues. These tracking systems also provide safety managers the ability to remotely monitor drivers in the field, and determine their safety habits. Of course, this information is crucial in any tractor-trailer lawsuit.

Getting the Best Advise when looking for an Attorney

Getting the Best Advise when looking for an Attorney

We know that the woman has insurance and it is up to date as we have already contacted her insurance as well as ours about this accident. What should we do?

Wait, don’t get an attorney, see what happens first, see what her company offers. See what his injuries really are. It has only been a few days. He may be fine in 2 weeks, you don’t know yet, you don’t even have his diagnosis. personal injury lawyers

First, you are only going to get actual cash value of the vehicle & all new cars instantly depreciate $2-3,000 maybe more the second you drive off the lot. I ALWAYS advise my insureds unless they are putting a big chunk of money down on the car (close to $10,000 at least) to get GAP insurance, it is less than $50 per year on your auto policy (usually for most people in my area). They can always take it off but can’t add it later, it has to be added when the new car is added. You will not get money to pay off the loan from the other carrier, sorry. If you chose to over finance your car, that is between you & the loan company.

You can ask for lost wages. Car rental cost IS loss of use. Also, once the car is paid for, the rental car payments will be cut off, so be prepared to go out & get another car when the bank gets paid off.

An attorney will take 30-40% of the settlement, if you can afford that, call one, otherwise wait. Also, the attorney will take all the bills (won’t pay them) and submit them all together to the other carrier which could put the medical bills in collections so be careful of that if you do decide to call an attorney. An attorney will also delay the settlement, ask any claim rep on here (I personally know 2 & they do the same thing), the files with attorneys tend to get worked on after the ones without attorneys.

Others Advise:




To start, I have been an auto claim adjuster for over 10 years. What Sue said is about on the money, it appears she is an insurance agent.

1; You can only get the cash value of your vehicle regardless of how much you owe;

2; You are owed rental if your car is not drivable; and yes, when your lien is paid, they will take you out of the rental w/in a day to couple of days, depends on the insurance company, but be ready and look for a replacement car asap. The fact you have not found a replacement car, does not change anything.

3; Medical bills:

If your auto insurance policy has medical payment coverage it is primary and pays 1st; then if you have health insurance, they pay 2nd; any out of pocket or deductibles are your responsibility. keep track of all payments you make; personal injury lawyers

The other company who is at fault does not, let me repeat, does not pay your medical bills; that is your responsibility to pay; that is the reason you have your auto medical payment coverage pay if you have on your policy or your health insurance. Otherwise, the providers will go after you for collection. The providers don’t care about any settlement with an insurance company, they want their money for services.

4; Attorney:

in the next couple of days if not by now, you will get tons of phone calls and letters from attorneys. ignore them. Just because they advertise or send great brochures, most of them are just factories and they pay a ton for advertising, which they subtract from any settlement. (they usually charge higher fees; ie 40 to 50% vs the standard 1/3)

As for your injury:

They will request a signed authorization; this will allow them to get copies of the medical bills and all medical reports of the injuries. if your husband had pre-existing injuries, they take off the “value” of his injury. as for lost wages. it has to be verified by the doctor and by his employer. Just because he is off work for a week does not mean he will be compensated for 1 week; it has to be verified. Also, even if you treat for 3 months, some adjusters may not allow all the bills in the settlement; they could question if treatment medically necessary or over treatment.

Now we take the medical bills, plus loss of income and add up the totals; we then add on pain/suffering for the total amount of offer we make. The average time for any offer to be made is around 3 months; that allows for copies from providers, medical reports etc; like above, we don’t make offers until treatment is complete. So if your husband has 2 months of treatment, then it could be 5 to 6 months before all info is received to evaluate a settlement offer.

Now for attorneys:

Wait for any offer; if you believe it does not sound fair, ask the reason on how they came up with it; then if you want to consider getting an attorney for legal advice:

;;;;;;;;;and this is important;

Call an attorney you have hired in the past, say for a divorce, bankruptcy etc; if they cant handle, they will always refer you to a good attorney that can do you well; if you never hired an attorney, ask coworkers, family friends etc for names. It is always best to hire an attorney someone knows, just like a plumber. (*usually the best attorneys, do not advertise; they don’t advertise since all of their business is referrals from other clients who were satisfied.*)

good luck

7 Tips To Beat Your Traffic Ticket!

7 Tips To Beat Your Traffic Ticket!

More and more traffic tickets are handed out nowadays and it seems that most of them are just written for revenue. Estimates are that over 115,000 speeding tickets are written every day, and there’s nothing wrong of course with the original idea behind this tickets: to make the road safer for us all, but a lot of of the traffic tickets could be considered ‘unfair’. Most people will have different opinions about what’s being unfair, but we should all agree that a lot of the small tickets are a pain in the ass. The average ticket is about $150, which is still quite a lot of money of course, but the long time effects are far worse:

Insurance rate increases, sometimes even cancellations, loss of license points, loss of your license, problems getting to your work, and you might even end up with problems supporting yourself, and more important, your family. Most people don’t realize this, until it’s too late… 96% of the people who get fined just think “damn a speeding ticket, but what the hell..”, .and just end up paying the ticket, admitting guilt, as it’s just easier or they do not know of any methods to fight and beat a traffic ticket. Time to change that! Let me introduce you to some general methods and tricks to fight and beat your traffic tickets:

1. Do not immediately think and assume you’re guilty!

As I already stated above: the impact and consequences of a small ticket can be far worse than you would expect. By just paying the ticket you automatically plead you’re guilty,.. while it’s often possible to get away with just a warning or a lower fine.

2. Be polite to the officer.

Yes that might be a bit hard sometimes, but just being polite might be enough to turn a ticket into a warning. So when an officer tries to stop you: pull over, turn of your engine, put your keys on the dashboard, stay in the vehicle and keep your hands on the steering wheel where the officer can see them. Most of the time this will make the officer feel a bit safer and more comfortable.

3. -Ask- for a warning.

You should ask for a warning if the officer hasn’t written out any ticket yet. A great percentage of all traffic stops end up with just a warning, yet most officers won’t explicitly ask if you want one. So take the initiative and politely ask if you could get just a warning. Don’t come up with excuses, don’t beg, and explain the officer something like you’re always trying to drive as safe as possible and you’re sure a warning would be enough as a reminder.

4. Don’t answer all questions.

You’re trying to avoid pleading guilty and the officer might ask questions like: “Do you know how fast you were going?”, “Do you know why I stopped you?”. The officer is doing his work and collecting evidence against you, so you should try to avoid citations. Instead of honestly answering “I was driving a bit too fast”, just answer something like “I don’t know, why did you stop me?”. You could also use the basic speed law here (only applies to a few states) and state that you were driving at a safe and reasonable speed for the current conditions.traffic tickets lawyer

5. Question the evidence.

If it seems there’s no other way out, you could try questioning the evidence. You need some basic knowledge of your local vehicle laws to question the evidence, but here are some tips to get you started: Ask for proof of the calibration of the speedometer when the officer paced you. Speed traps are forbidden in some states, you could trap the officer by asking how long they have the speed trap set up. And some laws applying to Pennsylvania you might be interested in:

* “A speed limit is not legally effective unless there’s a sign every half mile.” [3362 (b)(1)]

* “A 65 mph speed limit is not legally effective unless there’s a sign after each interchange on the highway.” [3362 (b)(2)]

* “You can’t be cited in Pennsylvania for traveling less than 10 miles over the speed limit if the limit is less than 55 mph.” [3368 (c)(4)]

* “If the limit is 55 or more, you can’t be cited for traveling less than 6 miles over the limit.” [3368 (c)(4)] (Source: berksweb)

The point here is if you can convince the officer that his evidence is illegal he will know the ticket won’t stand a chance in court and will probably let you go with a warning.

6. Go to court and get continuances.

You should try to delay the proceedings as much as possible as this increases the chance of the officer not showing up, which wil result in your ticket being dismissed. Getting continuances shouldn’t be too hard, and are often given for being busy with work, being sick, being out of town, etc.

7. Be prepared to fight your ticket in court.

You should always be prepared when going to court. Preparing this requires some basic knowledge about the local laws but it certainly doesn’t have to be very difficult, nor expensive. Effectively covering these techniques would cost me a few pages, but luckily there are already a few good ebooks around on this topic.

Most of the fined people just accept their ticket, and some of them end up in serious trouble just because of some low fines. So I hope you’ll be able to benefit from what you’ve read here someday. Feel free to spread the link to this article, and help the 96% of the people who don’t know how to fight their traffic tickets.

Drive safely & go beat that ticket!
Information about Legal Experts can be found here: @

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South Texas Benzene Exposure Attorney

South Texas Benzene Exposure Attorney

Benzene ExposureBenzene exposure has a severely negative effect upon the health of millions of people across the globe everyday. Benzene is a highly carcinogenic (cancer causing) compound that has been scientifically proven to cause lymphoma, leukemia, blood cancer, bone marrow cancer and a host of other fatal and debilitating conditions. Despite the obvious incredible health risks associated with this compound, benzene also happens to be among the top ten most used industrial compounds today. For more information go here @

What Exactly is Benzene and What is Benzene Used For?

The actual compound commonly referred to as Benzene is a derivative of the process of natural products being burnt and then that byproduct is introduced into the manufacture of many common household and industrial/commercial products.

Ironically, in the early 20th Century Benzene was widely used as an after-shave lotion because of its pleasant smell and skin moisturizing abilities. It is found in Gasoline as well as many other sources of fuel. Benzene is commonly used in resins, wax, oils, fats, ink, paint, cleaning solvent, photographic development supplies and a host of other products that we take for granted as being completely safe and are exposed on a daily basis.

Is Benzene Exposure Bad For People’s Health?

Benzene is extremely carcinogenic and can cause a variety of very severe cancers. The majority involves cancers of the blood- most notably Leukemia and Lymphoma. Research has indicated that different people respond differently to different amounts of Benzene and durations of exposure. For example, some otherwise healthy people have quickly died from leukemia from a relatively short exposure to high doses of Benzene. In addition, short duration exposures have shown to have an incredibly detrimental effect on actual blood production and bone marrow.wrongful death attorney

Benzene is marketed under a host of different names. Some of these names include: Phene, Benzol, Polystream, Pyrobezol, Coal naphtha and Benzal 90, among many others.

How Are Most People Exposed to Benzene?

The most common, and the deadliest way that Benzene is absorbed into an individual’s body is simply byBenzene exposure breathing it. Every inhale of oxygen that contains any benzene or mist with some Benzene is immediately turned into the bloodstream and is given free range to spread cancer throughout the body.

However, breathing Benzene is not the only way to get it into your body. Due to its high degree of bioavailability, Benzene is also readily absorbed simply through any exposed skin, which then allows it to pour right into the bloodstream.

How Many People Are Exposed to Benzene and Become Sick?
Unbelievably, more than 32 MILLION people are exposed to chemical products that are loaded with Benzene, in more than 3 million different workplaces in America. The overwhelming majority of workers exposed to the extremely toxic chemical have no idea that they are breathing in pure carcinogens. OSHA estimates that Benzene is still manufactured in large does in approximately 650,000 different chemical products.

Even the general public is exposed through drinking water and airborne emissions from burning fuel (motor vehicle exhaust is loaded with Benzene). Therefore, everyone is exposed to this deadly chemical on a daily basis.

Benzene Exposure is Incredibly Dangerous to the Human Body
benzene exposureThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified Benzene as a Category A carcinogen since 1986. But despite this classification, products continue to be routinely manufactured with it as if it was a totally benign substance. It is now a medical and scientific conclusion that Benzene is a direct cause of the deadly blood and bone disease, Leukemia. In addition, The US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) classifies benzene as an extreme human carcinogen. Therefore, Benzene exposure’s negative effects on humans is undisputed.

In addition to Leukemia, Benzene exposure (both short and long term) can cause Multiple Myeloma, Myelodysplastic syndrome / Myelodyplasia (MDS), Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML), Hon-Hodgkin’s and Hopkins Lymphoma among other blood and marrow disease.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) stated as early as 1948 that, “It is generally considered the the only absolutely safe concentration for Benzene is zero.”

What Are Some Common Consumer Products that Cause Benzene Exposure?
The following is just a short list of some of the products that contain Benzene. Remember, OSHA estimates that Benzene is manufactured into at least 650,000 different products. Please visit this site:

WD 40
Liquid Wrench
Rust-Ban 392
Sunoco Household Oil
3-In-One Electric Motor Oil
3-In-One Household Oil
Gardner Blacktop Driveway Sealer
Gardner EZ STIR Filler Sealer
Parks Furniture Refinisher
Parks Adhesive Remover
Parks Mineral Spirits Paint Thinner
Parks Lacquer Thinner
Parks Brush Cleaner
Parks PRO liquid Paint Stripper
Parks liquid Strip
Parks Lacquer Thinner 6/13/97
Parks Adhesive Remover 9/4/98
Parks liquid Deglosser 9/4/98
Gumoutregane Premium Gas Treatment
Gumoutxtra 1 Tank Carb Cleaner
Gumouttune Up Spray
Gumoutcarb/Fuel Injector Cleaner (Aerosol)
Gumoutcarb/Fuel Injector Cleaner (liquid)
Gumoutdiesel Fuel System Cleaner
Gumoutcold Weather Diesel Treatment
Gumoutliquid Intake Cleaner
Classic Aerosol Wax
Champion Carb. Cleaner
Champion Flush Off Degreaser
Champion Brake Cleaner
Champion Cold Galvanize
Champion Galv Off
Champion CS+
Champion N/F 4 Way Penetrating Oil
Champion Stainless Steel Cleaner
Champion X It Out Vandal Mark Remover
Champion Super Lubricant
Champion Spray Paint
Champion Flying Insect Killer
Champion Fire Ant Killer
Champion Multi Insect/lice Killer
Champion Indoor Insect Fogger
Champion Ant & Roach
Champion Metered Insecticide
Bonide Grass, Weed & Vegetation Killer
Ortho Weed-B-Gone
Staffel’s Screw work Compound-U.S.
Formula M 62 Insecticide
Dr. Rogers Screw Worm Smear Formula No. 62
Martin’s Formula No. 62 Screw Work Smear for Horses and Mules
Thoroseal Redi Mix Paint
VM & P Naptha

As we can see, Benzene is present in a huge amount of consumer products and is responsible for a tremendous amount of severe health problems and fatalities as a result of their use.

It is important to act immediately if you or a love one feels that they have been exposed to Benzene and has been diagnosed by a Health Care Professional to have any type of blood or bone marrow cancers including Leukemia or any of the above-referenced afflictions. Contact a South Texas Toxic Chemical Attorney who has experience handling Benzene exposure cases and has obtained millions of dollars for his clients as a result.wrongful deat law

We can link to OSHA Official Report on Benzene at:

Official link to OSHA Benzene Report

South Texas Benzene Exposure Attorney

It is important to contact a South Texas Personal Injury Attorney that is experienced in successfully handling Benzene cases. our Law Office has an extensive track-record of success with Benzene matters. Contact our firm for a free legal consultation if you feel that you have been exposed to Benzene and have suffered adverse health effects as a result. Please call us use our online contacts page. You pay us nothing until we win your Benzene exposure case for you.

Automobile accidents happen – Personal Injury Attorneys

Automobile accidents happen – Personal Injury Attorneys

Automobile accidents happen often and are all too common. The consequences may be life changing. If you drive a car it is important to know what to do if you are involved in an accident. Some steps to take include: personal injury attorneyss

● Remain calm

● Turn on your emergency flashers

● Check to see if anyone in your car including yourself is hurt. If so, seek medical attention promptly and call 911 if necessary.

● Call the police and file a police report with the officer once he arrives at the scene of the accident. The police officer will also help in assisting you exchange information between you and the other driver, as well as directing traffic around the accident.

● Take pictures of the scene of the accident as well as the vehicles involved in the accident.

● Exchange names, addresses, telephone numbers and insurance information with other drivers.

● Obtain names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses.

● Call your insurance company to report the accident. If you plan on filing a claim, get the claims process started as soon as possible. Your insurance company will investigate the loss, take statements and inspect the damage to all parties vehicles in order to determine the merits of your claim.

● If you are injured or the damages are extensive contact the experienced car accident attorneys at our Law Firm for a free legal consultation. Our attorneys will help you with your legal rights and obligations and will help you get compensation for your property damage and personal injuries.

● Do not speak to the insurance company for the other driver. Tell the insurance company claims representative or adjuster to call your lawyer.

If you have any pain symptoms or injuries be sure and seek medical attention immediately and keep track of all of your doctor visits and health bills. Make sure that you don’t minimize your injuries when you explain them to your doctor. It is important to make sure that your doctor documents everything and writes everything down correctly in your chart. Often times records are inaccurate or charts can be lost. Talking with an attorney soon after the car accident can also be critical to getting the help you need. As time passes, witnesses forget what they saw and critical evidence can be lost. Contact our experienced car accident attorney today. Our attorneys investigate all of the legal issues involved to hold the right people accountable for the harm they caused. We will interview witnesses, investigate all evidence, and prepare your case for a legal advise - personal injury lawyers

Minnesota is a no-fault state, which means that your insurance company pays for medical expenses, wage loss, and related expenses as they are incurred. Your insurance contract requires your company to pay for all reasonable and necessary medical bills that are related to the accident. Despite this contract and the state law requiring your insurance company to pay these bills, the insurance companies often deny payment. This is where it is best to seek the advice and experience of a car accident attorney at our Law Firm. Our attorneys want to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your losses. If the car accident you were involved in was primarily or completely the fault of someone else, you can seek damages for pain and suffering. Contact our office today for a consultation with our personal injury attorneys.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, your well being comes first. Your rights are next. The car accident attorneys at our Law Firm bring many years of experience representing victims of auto accidents. We want to make sure that you are fairly compensated for your losses. It is important to act quickly after you’ve been injured in a car accident. Call us today for a free consultation with one of our experienced auto accident lawyers. We have successfully litigated cases on behalf of injured motorists in San Antonio and throughout Texas

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