New Direction

As you all know, I had wanted to stop writing this blog in part because I had wanted to start a new blog because I felt that now that everyone knows that law school is a scam, my work was done.

However this comment got me thinking that all I really need to do is take this blog in a new direction:

There are a lot of new J.D.s out here with no practical experience, that cannot get legal jobs, and have no clue what to do, or what non-legal jobs might be out there for them. Thanks.

So I thought, why not devote more time to finding a solution to the mess we are all in. I’ll still post on the scam when a dean or law school does something really stupid (see below). But now I’m going to try to find some creative solutions to our unemployment and debt woes, and how to deal with having a lot of blank spaces on our résumés.

Additionally, if you have been discriminated against or treated like crap by a company (especially a law firm) in your job search let me know.

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