Protests Paid Off

Earlier this month University of Virginia 3Ls wore tee shirts around school protesting their lack of job prospects. They also hung out in front of the school telling 1Ls and anyone who would listen that they were unemployed. One 3L made a beautiful model of the school with his rejection letters from employers.

The school listened, and is paying for bar course and other bar expenses for their unemployed 3Ls. I was impressed until I read the fine print, they are really only picking up about half of the expenses. Bar review courses cost around $3500, not $1500:

Unemployed students were notified of the program Monday morning via a letter deposited in their Law School mailboxes from Dean Paul Mahoney. The letter informs students that they will be eligible to receive up to $500 to cover bar application fees and up to $1500 to cover bar review study courses.

But it’s a step and the right direction, and more schools should follow University of Virginia’s lead. And I will say this until I draw my last breath: any law grad who is still unemployed in the legal profession 18 months after graduation deserves a full refund.

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