The Scam Starts Early

The school scam starts young; even 3 month year old babies are being scammed. Well, their parents are. YourCan Read is the preferred scam for the drooling crowd.

The ads claimed that any preschooler could learn to read before kindergarten if you buy their flash cards and DVDs. But wait, could it all be bullshit a scam? Can babies really learn to read at 3 months? The experts all say no.

10 experts who were all of the same basic opinion: Young children can be made to recognize or memorize words, but the brains of infants and toddlers are just not developed enough to actually learn to read at the level the way the enticing television ads claim they can.

Oh, my, so they were manipulating facts to get parents to buy an educational product that doesn’t work? Where have I heard that before? Oh right, that’s what the law schools do! Nice to see there is some consistency in American education.

The entire school scam in a nutshell:

Buy this crap and learn to read before you can crawl, get into the right preschool, which gets you into the right kindergarten, into the right grade school, an expensive private high school, then drop $200,000 on a worthless bachelor’s degree, and if you’re really lucky, get into a law school and drop another $150,000, to wind up unemployed and $350,000 in debt.

I think it’s misleading. I think it’s false, and I think it raises false expectations, said Dr. Karen Hopkins, a developmental pediatrician at New York University’s Langone Medical Center

Misleading, false information, raises false expectations. That’s the way to get students to enroll, from birth to graduate school. False is the business model all schools follow.

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