No Bar Exam For These Lucky Students

On Friday fourteen lucky law students were sworn in to practice law in New Hampshire one day before graduating from law school. Franklin Pierce Law Center students complete a two year program that permits them to practice without sitting for a bar.

They are required to take extra courses for two years and have extensive training in the courtroom during that time as well. According to the director of the special program, John Garvey: “They’ve received the equivalent of being a second-year associate in a law firm when they graduate. It makes them more valuable to the employer. In a tough economy, having a law school graduate who is client-ready is a real advantage.”

Since most employers believe that law school graduates lack the skills to practice law, this might be the solution to the law school problem. With programs like this, the students are ready to practice, and don’t have to waste an additional $3500 on a bar review course and lose two months after graduation to study. For those of us who have to go solo, having had two years of training in courtrooms couldn’t hurt. Here’s hoping this idea will catch on.

Kagan’s Grades Released

Most law students have more in common with Elena Kagan than they thought: she had crappy grades first semester too. The Wall Street Journal reported that Elena Kagan received a few B’s as a 1L. She went on to be a straight A student and make law review, but her grades weren’t at all impressive that first semester.

She received a B- in Torts, a B in Criminal and a B+ in Administrative law. Her letters of recommendation from her professors more than made up for her less than stellar performance:

“She is soft-spoken and delightful to be with, but razor-sharp and iron-hard in intellectual give and take,” wrote the late Prof. Abram Chayes, who had clerked for Justice Felix Frankfurterand served as the top State Department lawyer under President John F. Kennedy. “Her limpid writing ability and keen editorial skills have made her a mainstay at the [Harvard Law] Review,” he added.

Death By Boy Toy?

This has nothing to do with the legal profession; it just pissed me off. The Telegraph in the U.K. is reporting that cougars (women in their 30s and 40s who date much younger men) risk early death. Sounds more like this researcher can’t get laid and decided to come up with this bullshit theory to try and scare women off from sleeping with younger men.

Well, New Yorkers don’t scare easily, and frankly, I’d rather die early getting pounded by a young guy rather than playing it safe with a limp geezer. The “study” conducted by Sven Drefahl came to the ridiculous conclusion that the younger a wife’s spouse, the lower the wife’s life expectancy. However, when an older man marries a younger woman, he lives longer. How convenient.

The researcher seems worried that the dating pool for geezers is drying up, and he’s right. Women have finally realized that they can get all the young guys they want and there’s no need to bother dating or marrying older men with antiquated sexist beliefs and Viagra induced erections.

A sociologist backed up the bullshit study saying that having a boy toy is stressful because woman are, “violating social norms and thus suffer from social sanctions and could be regarded as outsiders and receive less social support, resulting in a less joyful and more stressful life.”

You can’t convince me that getting pounded by a hot 25 year old makes life less joyful. I think being with a 60 year old with a sagging ass and a mediocre erection would make life less joyful, but that’s me.

No Grit: Debt Hating OL Drops Out

Remember Sarah Allen, the OL who wanted to go to law school to help German corporate clients but didn’t want to pay for it so she had set up a site for donations? You were wise if you didn’t hit her donate button; she’s already given up the dream of being BMW’s in house counsel.

She had entered a competition called Tuition Tales that gives scholarships for law school; she lost and immediately shut down her blog. The reason she gave to the ABA Journal for shutting it down? “I didn’t like the mean-spirited comments on blogs.” She was “shocked by the hate.” Hate shocks her and she wanted to be a lawyer? She would never have made it; one hateful comment by a professor and she would have run out of class crying.

Allen has decided that she doesn’t want to take on “tremendous debt and be in a hateful environment” and is now reconsidering her decision to attend law school. Seems law school only works for her if it’s free and she’s in an environment where others shove their noses up her ass every time she has a stupid idea.

At least the nasty blogs saved her $150,000 and three years of her life. But I’ve haven’t given up on her yet; maybe BMW will foot the bill if she promises to wear tee shirts and baseball caps with their logo to all her first year classes.

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