Wall Street Rapes And Profits

New lawyers need a bail out for student loan debt, but since we can’t pay lobbyists five billion dollars like the Wall Street whores investment banks can, we won’t be getting one. Paying off lobbyists is why they got 700 billion dollars of TARP money to bail their asses out for making incredibly risky and stupid investments that anyone who had and ounce of common sense would have known not to do. But the big boys need to play…

Add in that our government supports usury by banks and allows them to commit crimes that ordinary Americans have to serve time in prison for, and it’s easy to understand why these greedy mother fuckers bankers raked in $135 billion dollars in pay in 2010. The average Wall Street employee made $141,000 last year. Most of them do not have advanced degrees; all that is required is college, white skin and a penis.

How’s this for unfair?

• Goldman made over half of its 2010 revenues from trading. Many Wall Street firms borrowed as much as $30 for every $1 of capital it traded. And, according to PBS, Goldman often uses what it knows about clients positions to place its own bets.

•The U.S. government cushions its losses. As we saw in 2008, when the financial crisis hit, Washington (aka taxpayers) bailed out Wall Street with the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and a total of $23.7 trillion in cash and guarantees. After pouring $5 billion into the coffers of Washington politicians and lobbyists between 1998 and 2009, Wall Street got a great return on investment.

This pisses me off so much I can barely type right now. Obama promised change. There’s been no change. NADA. Banks are still screwing over Americans, and the government is still helping them do it. I think it’s time to walk like an Egyptian – let’s take this to the streets. I’m sick to death of living in The United States of Goldman Sachs.

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