No Grit: Debt Hating OL Drops Out

Remember Sarah Allen, the OL who wanted to go to law school to help German corporate clients but didn’t want to pay for it so she had set up a site for donations? You were wise if you didn’t hit her donate button; she’s already given up the dream of being BMW’s in house counsel.

She had entered a competition called Tuition Tales that gives scholarships for law school; she lost and immediately shut down her blog. The reason she gave to the ABA Journal for shutting it down? “I didn’t like the mean-spirited comments on blogs.” She was “shocked by the hate.” Hate shocks her and she wanted to be a lawyer? She would never have made it; one hateful comment by a professor and she would have run out of class crying.

Allen has decided that she doesn’t want to take on “tremendous debt and be in a hateful environment” and is now reconsidering her decision to attend law school. Seems law school only works for her if it’s free and she’s in an environment where others shove their noses up her ass every time she has a stupid idea.

At least the nasty blogs saved her $150,000 and three years of her life. But I’ve haven’t given up on her yet; maybe BMW will foot the bill if she promises to wear tee shirts and baseball caps with their logo to all her first year classes.