US News Gives “Helpful” Tips

US News, the folks that aided and abetted law schools for years, is now giving advice to law students about their “investment” in a legal education.

The image that came to my mind when I read this was of a guy holding down a woman while she was raped, and then giving her advice after she was violated on how not to get raped again.

Not only do they quote Law School Transparency, they try to back off from the false statistics they have been printing:

While U.S. News offers some school-reported employment data that can serve as a foundation, the newest data, which is most pertinent to an individual’s needs, is accessible only by requesting it from the schools themselves.

Sounds like US News is worried they might be held accountable for helping so many innocent students down the path of financial ruin. Too little, too late. And all in the interest of protecting themselves, not the students.

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