MSU Pays Students To Praise It

Michigan State is paying its law students $250 to post two positive comments per month on a new school blog to persuade applicants about the benefits of going to law school there.

Hey, Michigan, I’ll write something positive for $200, but only because I’m about to be evicted from my apartment.

The school’s director of marketing and communications came up with this asinine brilliant idea. Here’s the problem genius marketing idiot guru: this story is all over the internet now. No one will believe the posts, not when everyone knows that you pay students to write positive things. When you pay someone to say positive things, that’s called advertising. Cheap false advertising, but still advertising. It’s like paying a whore, it’s sex, not love, no matter how much she moans and pretends to enjoy it while she’s doing it.

Could this mean that the scam bloggers are getting through to OLs stubborn little brains that law school is a waste of time and money for at least the next ten years? Could the law schools be finally taking notice that their scam is almost up?

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