Litigation Happy Lawyer Sues Teens

I am the first to admit that I do not like children, and that means anyone under 18. When I see a child on the street in New York, my first thought is, why aren’t you in the suburbs where you belong? That being said, I wouldn’t haul them into court for behaving like children, but a trial lawyer in Delaware is.

Stuart Grant, a successful lawyer, is suing two recent high school graduates who allegedly attended his daughter Niki’s party at his house without an invitation. While at the party the teens went into the bedrooms and took his meds and a jug filled with coins. Not exactly big ticket items.

Because he wanted to show what a benevolent guy he is, Grant didn’t call the cops so that the teens wouldn’t have criminal records, no, the petty big hearted attorney went to the trouble of hiring a private investigator to track down those all important meds and jug o’ coins.

The vindictive prick Grant is going ahead with a lawsuit, asking for $6,000 in compensatory damages to cover the cost of the private investigator and the value of the missing items, and $10,000 from each of the two teens he’s suing to “make an example of them.” He even hired a private process server to go to one of the teen’s houses and serve him.

Well, all I can say to this guy is: You silly litigious prick, get yourself some more viagra meds, save a few more coins and fill up that jug, and then use the coins to pay for a lap dance and calm down. They’re kids, go sue someone your own age.

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