Boycott Companies That Boycott The Unemployed

If you think it’s more difficult to get a job when you don’t have one, you’re not paranoid, you’re right. The EEOC has opened an investigation to determine whether employers that exclude jobless applicants are discriminating.

The concern is that because more blacks and Hispanics are unemployed than whites that, “The potential for disparate impact is there,” said William Spriggs, assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Labor.
So far, The EEOC, has not addressed the issue. Many employers have placed ads specifically stating that the unemployed need not apply:

Helen Norton, a professor at the University of Colorado law school, said employers and staffing agencies have advertised jobs in fields from electronic engineers to restaurant and grocery managers with the explicit restriction that only currently employed candidates would be considered.

Sony Ericsson, the phone manufacturer, was one of the employers that did this. OK, Sony, how about this? All of the unemployed should boycott their products, and when we do get jobs, let’s continue the ban.

If anyone sees a company prohibiting jobless applicants from applying, send me the ad and I’ll put it up and we can boycott those companies.

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