ABA Must Have Missed This

Carolyn Lamm of the ABA wrote a response to the great op-ed that Mark Greenbaum wrote for the LA Times a few weeks ago. Greenbaum took the ABA to task for not exercising greater control over law schools. The ABA responded and Above the Law rips them a new one (www.abovethelaw.com). Here is what the ABA’s Lamm said about law schools reducing enrollment:

He fails to acknowledge that in fact existing law schools have reduced voluntarily class size and therefore despite a minimal increase in the number of accredited law schools (7% over a 5 year period) first year enrollment grew by only two percent. Hardly producing a “flood of graduates”.

I guess Carolyn Lamm doesn’t read my blog, or check with the law schools to see how many students they admitted this year. Had she checked or read my post on December 29th, TTT Dean Matasar is a Hypocrite, she’d know that NYLS admitted an ADDITIONAL 250 students this year, for a total of 750, up from 500. Looks to me like Greenbaum knows what he is talking about, and the ABA is still clueless.

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