Where’s The Job?

In California, where asking for a plastic bag for a purchase is considered as rude as telling your best friend you want to fist f*ck his sister, the state that focuses its outrage on the ridiculous has come up with another target: Taco Bell. Seems the fast food change has not been putting as much beef as it should in its tacos.

You’d think they would just go to Burger King, but what caught my eye was their reason for suing:

The would-be class action seeks what it calls accurate labeling, corrective advertising and attorney’s fees and costs.

Now that’s an argument to be used against the law schools: accurate labeling, corrective advertising. Wouldn’t accurate labeling and correct advertising include accurate employment statistics? Because saying 98% get high paying legal jobs when only around 2% get them doesn’t seem too accurate to me.

Just as consumers made their decision on what chemically enhanced processed crap to put in their bodies based on advertising, law students made their decisions to take out toxic loans based on false advertising by their schools. So, where’s the job?

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