Three Toilets Flushed

Finally, some sense in this world. There were plans for THREE new law schools in New York and all have been put on hold. There are already 15 law schools in NY. The schools made the decision not to open because of:
an ailing economy, state government budget woes and doubts about whether there are enough legal jobs to support the new schools in addition to the 15 existing ones.

The three toilets New York was spared are: State University of New York at Stony Brook on Long Island, St. John Fisher College in Rochester and SUNY Binghamton, which is only on hold until 2017-18.

St. John Fisher spent $25,000 on a study that claimed there was a demand for a new law school. Hell, I could have told them that there’s no need for another law school for $10,000. Or they could have figured it out for free, by reading the scamblogs, or asking the thousands of unemployed JDs roaming the streets of New York.

Deans at other New York law schools sprang to action at the thought of new toilets entering the market and possibly poaching from their pools of available suckers.The hypocrites wondered if, New York’s job market could absorb as many as 1,500 more law school graduates the three new schools could produce each year.

No it can’t absorb them, and we don’t need the 3,750 new graduates NY turns out now:
The state Labor Department has estimated there will be openings for just over 2,000 lawyers a year through 2016 in New York. And law firms have been shedding jobs in the last few years. There now are about 150,000 lawyers in New York, the most of any state in the country.

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