Sweaty Seat Hog

I’ve been out of the loop the past couple of days – crazy busy with the poverty thing. It’s amazing how time consuming being poor is. If I only had a dime for every bill collector I successfully avoided…

I saw this blurb about a New York lawyer who is pissed because other people leave their bags on the subway seats and don’t move them even though someone is standing. The NYPD does give out $50 tickets for this, because New York really needs money now.

Well, I can go one better than a package sitting on a seat. I just took the subway, and it’s hot in NY, about 95 and humid today. So a fat guy dripping with sweat, wearing shorts, gets on, and of course tries to squeeze into the seat next to mine. Half of his fat sweaty thigh came down on my just showered thigh.

He didn’t get off me until I yelled at him. He asked me if I felt better after I yelled at him. I told him I’d feel better if he died soon, but getting his fat off me was a good start. He should have to pay double the package fine.

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