Not Child’s Play

If only the plane had crashed, some unemployed TTT grads could have gotten some temp work. An irresponsible parent brought his kid to work and let him clear the planes for takeoff. I’m sure the parent found it “cute” and that he was doing no harm. What if the kid had screwed up? Is it still cute?

How about the parents in Brooklyn who insist on bringing their toddlers to bars? That’s right. Bars, the place you go to forget about the world and relax and maybe to get lucky. One bar, the Windsor Terrace, had the balls to ban babies in the bar. I couldn’t agree more, if I see puke in a bar, I’d like it to be mine, not some baby spitting up milk.

While kids annoying other customers in a bar simply ruins an evening, bringing them to work is something else. I saw them often at my law school, when the overpaid professors thought it would be fun to let the mini-lemmings run around the library, usually during exam period, completely unaware that someone paying over 40k a year in tuition has no desire to hear, “Mommy, look, everyone’s reading!”

Simple solution: just leave them at home.

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