No JD For You!

What is with Ohio? Less than a week ago, a law graduate was denied admission to the Ohio bar for having (gasp!) debt, and this week they are refusing to let a disbarred lawyer put “JD” after his name. The judge is afraid that he will try to convince others that he is an attorney.

Bruce Brown, JD (oops Ohio, I said it, am I am trouble?) was barred from using Esq and JD after his name. Brown sued claiming restricting him from using JD violated his First Amendment and due process rights.Ohio upheld the ban.

Sorry, once again have to disagree with Ohio. You pay for a degree, you get to use the initials. He wasn’t stripped of his degree, just his license to practice. So I say, no to Esq, yes to JD, and Ohio judges really need to take the corn cobs out of their asses, this is getting ridiculous.

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