More Funny Numbers

Alex Barnett was working as an attorney doing class actions until he got laid off. He is now doing contract work to pay the bills and stand-up comedy to try and switch careers. Sadly, the odds of getting a TV show are probably better now than getting a gig as an attorney.

He’s smart to try alternative careers. The National Association for Law Placement reported that only 71 percent of the class of 2009 got jobs that require JDs. That number seems funny to me, I’d say it’s probably more in the 21 percent range, and only because I’m feeling generous today.

The article notes that there is a huge oversupply of lawyers, and what the blogs have been saying for months, there are no jobs:

This is true even at major BigLaw firms: Despite a bankruptcy practice that reportedly is booming, the New York office of Weil Gotshal & Manges, for instance, hired only 20 summer associates this year, down from 96 last year.

If you’ve come up with an alternate career and left the law, or know someone who has, write in and let me know so I can post it to give everyone some ideas, and possibly, a little hope for a better future.

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