Michigan College Offers A Money Back Guarantee!

Confession: I have been so depressed this week that it has been difficult for me to even get out of bed and write. My first smile of the week just came when I saw this article. A Michigan community college is offering a refund on tuition if the graduates aren’t employed within one year. YES!!

True, it’s a community college and it’s only for training courses that cost around $2400, but it’s a start. The program is expected to be highly competitive, and employers who heard about the program have already started calling.

Although there are some who still believe all that is needed is information from the schools. The article quotes Russ Whitehurst from the Brookings Institution who says that: I would rather see community colleges and technical institutions providing more information about program-completion rates among students and their employment outcomes. This kind of transparency would allow prospective applicants to make more informed decisions instead of gambling their futures away.

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