Law Schools Rankings Malpractice?

Did he even have to ask? The Taxprof blog is asking if law schools committed rankings malpractice by not reporting their employment statistics for nine months after graduation. Everything a law school does is suspect if you ask me. He explains:

As U.S. News rankings aficionados know, the methodology used in the 2011 U.S. News Law School Rankings gives 18% weight to employment statistics: 14% to the percentage of the Class of 2008 employed nine months after graduation (which is reported to the ABA as well), and 4% to the percentage of the class employed at graduation (which is not reported to the ABA).

74 schools did not supply U.S. News with the percentage of the class employed at graduation. Well, that’s about as shocking as finding out it’s easy for George Clooney to get laid.

The 74 nonreporting schools presumably had an employed at graduation number more than 30 percentage points below their employed at nine months number and thus benefited in the rankings by not reporting their employed at graduation number to U.S. News.

Oh yes, they benefit by not reporting their employment numbers to U.S. News. Prospective students read that, do you think the schools want to advertise that none of their graduates find work after shelling out over $100,000? Not so much.

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