Facebook Family Feud

I don’t think he’ll be buying a mother’s day gift this year. Lane New,16, filed a harassment complaint against his mother for reading and posting on his Facebook account. The teenager claims his mother’s actions damaged his reputation. The mother didn’t deny it, saying only, “If I’m found guilty on this it is going to be open season on parents.”

The snoopy mother said that when her son didn’t log off his Facebook account she went ahead and changed his password so he couldn’t use it and posted items on the account. Lane has asked that the mother have no contact with him. He lives with his grandparents.

Mommy Dearest is going with the I’m not a crook defense: “He left it logged in on my computer; It’s not like I stole his laptop.” She just hacked and snooped, she didn’t steal. So if a safe is left open, it’s alright to take stuff out?

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